This Time Around

Band :
Title : This Time Around
Release Date : February 22, 2022
Format : CD
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The Story

Bliss53 has tied to shake away the burden of importance. The trio’s smash hit “Iconoclast.” The album elevated them and changed the band from a few kids in a garage band to career rocks opening for other big acts. Although the band was on a high the album created stifling expectations for the records to follow. The bands “No Alternative” followed the sound and path “Iconoclast” took.

When the band made its return with “Confessions of a Drama Queen”, almost a spiritual sequel. Each record has become a attempted at a leaner, meaner reboot of the band, yet this all has changed with “This Time Around.”

The most convincingly carefree Bliss53 has ever made. The band goes everywhere on this new album. New hits such as “Screaming Servants” and “Atlantis Grave”. The band even went back to the roots with “Shift or Scoff”, a song that sounds like it would have been on the first album but recorded in modern day.

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Distant Friend (Live) – Single

Band :
Title : Distant Friend (Live) - Single
Release Date : September 10, 2020
Format : Digital Download

Listen to a sample of the song:

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  1. Distant Friend (4:17)


Band :
Title : Always War
Release Date : July 30, 2013
Format : CD
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The Story

This is the way Bliss53’s Kevin Batres follows up 12 Days, more noise. Never has a band did the reverse of a band looking for commercial success. From noisy grunge tunes to having a 100 man orchestra pop song with a Norwegian kid guest singer. Bliss53 is always the band that does what you wouldn’t think. With such devilish vigor and exorcised and such bristling, bull’s-eye candor. Iconoclast comes with songs like “Nitros Oxide” a almost hilariously offbeat look at modern teens and feeling out of places to other viciously direct tunes

is rife with gibes — some hilariously droll, others viciously direct — at life in the post-Nevermind fast lane, at the moneychangers who milked the grunge tit dry in record time and at the bandwagon sheep in the mosh pit who never caught on to the desperate irony of “Here we are now, entertain us.” The very first words out of Cobain’s mouth in “Serve the Servants,” In Utero‘s petulant, bludgeoning opener, are “Teenage angst has served me well/Now I’m bored and old,” sung in an irritated, marble-mouthed snarl that immediately derails any lingering expectations for a son of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

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