Gucci is a brand that really needs no introduction or explanation. A true powerhouse in the fashion world. The limited edition Bliss53/Gucci shirts are amazing shirts that are heavily inspired by the 80’s.

Cole said it best, The shirts need to be bringing Bliss53 to Gucci and not putting Gucci into Bliss53. We don’t know much about fashion. As the band saying goes, we just know what we like. Most of the shirts are a play on current and past Gucci shirts, along with some 80’s pop culture. We aren’t sure if the line will expand to stickers or bags or anything else but we are happy with how they all came out. -Kevin

The shirt line was released yesterday and is selling fast. So grab your shirt while you can. Dress it up on a night on the town or throw some torn jeans with it and stage drive at the next Bliss53 gig.

© 2018 Gucci


One thought on “Gucci Collaboration

  1. Stevenweile 2 years ago

    I was so happy I got to buy one of these shirts! My new favorite Bliss53 shirt!