The new Bliss53 mask and Pandemic Kit. The Premium mask is $20 and a normal & kid version for $10. Bliss53’s Pandemic kit is a limited 1,000 and is $40. It includes the normal Bliss53 mask, no touch-key, hand sanitizer, mask mints and stress temple rub. Wear all in this together.

I don’t get very political. I know some people are against mask and all that, I just feel it’s better for everyone to be safe. We added the tag line Wear all in this together because I think that’s the bottom line, we can’t think of ourselves and whatever opinion we have, we share this world with each other and will only get through it together. -Kevin Batres

The standard Bliss53 mask was shipping free with any merchandise from the online store since back in April. The band was afraid to sell it and seem as making money off the pandemic.

This is the bands first attempt at a premium mask and pandemic kit. The band said they really wanted it to be free and are basically selling at cost. Stay safe in style. Bliss53 also wanted to thank Charlie Shotwell for allowing his photo with the bands mask.

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