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Gucci and Kevin Batres go way back. In 2018 the brand also had its first collaboration with the band. Kevin’s love of fashion is also common knowledge these days, but everyone was happy and shocked when the band announced a new collaboration with the Italian house. The Gucci collaboration will make a return of the Cobra snake shirt and the Cat Indrubbiamente shirt, as well as 3 new items designs still not announced. The Bliss53/Gucci snake have become a signature fashion style look. Kevin also teased a new Cobra hoodie yet to be confirmed as a new piece?

Above you can see the snake logo has been changed from the original 2018 shirt.

That was a decision Gucci made early. So that people can tell the difference between both shirts. Plus it makes it more special if you collect all the shirts. We are super happy with the line and can’t wait for launch day. -Jay

The band just announced the shirt today via its Instagram and Twitter. It featured actor Charlie Shotwell wearing the new version of the Cobra shirt. Check out the shirt now here on the online store.

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