Hollywood Deck


Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction
· 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple with Epoxy Resin Glue.
· Single Deck Press (Same shape and concave every time).




Steele Stebbins 7.75 pro model Skateboard Deck. This Resin-7 Canadian Maple Construction deck for Steele features his name in place of the Hollywood sign. The deck is a node to the fact that Steele is not only a great skateboarder but an amazing actor.

Wheelbase: 14.0″
Mellow Concave / Steep Kick

Steele Stebbins Pro model.
Guaranteed to make you go faster.
Full nose and tail.

Why its Better:
· Stronger than industry standard 7-ply.
· Strong pop.
· Long deck life.

30 Day Guarantee Against Breakage.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

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