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  1. Ultra Gasses
  2. An Angele’s Suicide
  3. S.W.
  4. Black Sheep
  5. Like My Father
  6. The Fall of Troy
  7. Run-of-the-Mill
  8. Elysium
  9. Mr. Time
  10. Nitrous Oxide
  11. Wide Awake (Feat. Alexandru)





Bliss53 2nd major album release “Iconoclast” is the bands best work ever! If you’ve ever seen the band live, its that feeling captured on tape for the first tine. The band recorded to tape, A process that has long best lost in the modern digital world. “Iconoclast” is for sure a classic in the making. The album also features the song “Wide Awake”. the bands most ambicious song with guest singer Alexandru.

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  1. edadegif

    OMG This was so amazing! My favorite Bliss 53 albums so far!

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