1. Legendary Servant Bliss53 0:54

The Story

With Covid-19, Band members leaving and moving, “Confession” was the album that seemed like it would never finally come out. But thankfully not only did the day finally come but it was unlike anything before it.

Behind the Scene

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Confessions of a Drama Queen

Release Date : December 21, 2020
Artist : Bliss53
Genres : Alternative Rock, Grunge
Catalog ref. : B53253
Format : CD

The pop-grunge stalwarts resist political commentary in lieu of making the most carefree Bliss53 record of the new millennium. Bliss53 have went from grunge brats to epic rock musicians from their first album to Iconoclast and No alternative. This album is the first time the band seems to hold more melodic signing phrases and guitar solos. Gone our the heavy pounding and instead, Melodie and rhythm.