Bliss53’s first full length album was the perfect dry run for a band on their first assault on the underground/mainstream, containing both more variety then most bands debut albums. Originally released in 2004, The album doesn’t show for much guitar shredding, Instead relies heavily on the bass and drums as a tight rhythm section, which would help to define the bands later sound. Kevin’s lyrics are more direct, switching between humor and sudden sorrow. Although the album doesn’t have any metallics-style riffs or lightning fast solo’s. That doesn’t mean this album goes without any memorable riffs. Although “Grunge” in nature the album does hold a metal-strength chug in the bands sound. — check out Batres’s opening riffing on “1053mg”. The whole thing starts with a note-perfect band — “Broken Mirror” would highlight the group’s later sound, with a great soothing verse and sorrow vocals into a heavy chorus of yearning and lost. “War Times” written just after the 9-11 attacks in NY was a song the band was playing live very early on. Sounding much like a pro-war song, Kevin cautions. “The song is not pro-war, I’m not for war. The song is stating that no matter why we go to far, we always support the troops, they are the ones to put their lives for what we take for granted.” The band also shines with the closing track “The Boy Named ‘Fag'” a slow heavy ballad that talks about a child who realizes he’s not like everyone else and can’t find acceptance from his Father, or his religion. Not a road most indie bands would travel on a debut album. “Euphoric” doesn’t sound like a debut album from an unknown band, it sounds like a band that has been around the block and knows how to put together great music. Is it as crafted as the bands later work? No, but damn does it rock!

The album which was originally only released on CD sold more than 10,000 units before selling out of the copies the band had. For the first time the album has also been remastered and rereleased in 2014 as the 10 year anniversary of the record.

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Release Date : July 13, 2014
Artists : Dylan Patton, Euphoric
Format : CD