Our friend Steele Stebbins just made a post on his twitter account that touched our heart. Steele is raising money for a boy named Caleb who is battling cancer. Many of you know Kevin has long donated time and money into cancer programs ever since cancer took his Mothers life. Kevin would like any who has the means to donate and help Steele reach his goal to help Caleb. To donate directly click here.

“Hi, it’s Steele Stebbins. I’d like you to meet Caleb. He is 7 years old, and lives in the hospital away from his family as he battles cancer. He needs all of our help. ANY donation will help him, and if you can’t help donate money, maybe you can share this through social media to spread the word? I am honored to be in charge of helping raise medical funds for Caleb, and I only have until June 10th to complete my goal!
I’m working on getting merchandise and incentives for everyone who can donate to the campaign.” -Steele

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