As you know, Bliss53 has supported Steele Stebbins in his fund raiser to help Caleb. Kevin and Cole were on hand to cheer him on and support Steele and Caleb. Cancer is such a bad thing. Bliss53 is proud that Steele took this chance to make a difference and even raise just over 4,000! For those of you not familiar, Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center The Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC) at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach cares for children and families facing a diagnosis of cancer and blood-related disorders like sickle cell disease.  Our multi-disciplinary team ensures that children and their families receive the highest level of medical, emotional and educational support available.  At JJCCC, the child and the family are treated as one. – Learn more here.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, big or small it takes a group to make a difference.

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