3 months ago the band announced they had been working on demos for a new album and that they were going to use the sounds of the legendary Steve Albini. Today Bliss53 frontman Kevin Batres has shared not only is the recording process in full swing, they have decided on an album cover already! The cover will feature Riley Dejaeghere.

The band has not announced when the album will be ready for launch but says they do plan on releasing a making of the album series on their Youtube page.

I’m really excited for this next album. With ‘Iconoclast’ I feel we really came up with a good unique sound that I felt was ours. ‘No Alternative’ we tried to take that a step further. With this album we’ve grown from then, We’re already better players and I feel this will be the best album ever. I’d rather try something new then making the same album again. -Kevin

Stay tuned for info as it comes in about the album. For more info on Riley you can visit his official Instagram page at @riley_d_official.

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