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New Album!?

While the last Bliss53 album was released at the end of 2016, Bliss53 has been pictured back in the studio! The Grunge-Rock trio has been currently on a break and Kevin Batres recorded a solo album entitled “Art, Punk & Stereotypes”. We caught up with Kevin to ask about the new recordings.

Right now I’ve been doing guitar stuff getting tracks ready. The next step is the drums. If people can’t tell, drums are a key part of our sound. Drums are normally really high in our mix. The drum sound we got for “Iconoclast” was amazing and we pretty much tried to get it back for “No Alternative”, This time we are trying something new. This is gonna be a more personal album. We got the help of Steve Albini for this one… Especially for drums that says it all.” -Kevin

Steve Albini is an American musician, record producer, audio engineer and music journalist. He was a member of Big Black, Rapeman and Flour, and is a member of Shellac. He is the founder, owner and principal engineer of Electrical Audio, a recording studio complex located in Chicago. Also has recorded bands like Nirvana and Bush. So will the next Bliss53 album have the Alibi sound?

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