Bliss53 has confirmed they started filming the first music video to support No Alternative. The first video will be for the song “Ghost” and will feature child actor Steele Stebbins. The band has worked with Steele before, for the bands album cover for “No Alternative”.

“We are so stoked to have him in our video. It’s really cool when your a fan of someones work and you get to work with them on your own work. All the bands videos we’ve done so far have always been really serious and dark, so with Steele we thought he would be the perfect person to make a light hearted fun video. The video is really just a joke and a excuse for us to mess around and be dumb. Really looking forward to it.” – Kevin

No official release date has been announced for the music video but the band says early November seems to be the goal. The band says they will also release a behind the scene video around the same time.


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