Steele is helping to raise money for Caleb and his family. For those of you that don’t remember Caleb, Steele has been helping to raise money for him and his treatment. Caleb’s parents split the tough job of working and being by his side in the hospital. Steele is stepping in to help them in this time of need.

Steele has posted a audition here, You can win a limited Warner Brothers Vacation Holiday card. Steele will personally write a holiday note on it, one from Steele and one from this character Kevin from the motion picture Vacation. If that wasn’t enough, you will also receive 2 behind the scenes signed photos from the making of the movie.

So not only is it a great cause and your helping out but your getting some amazing swag in return. Steele Stebbins Philanthropies is a non profit organization… yea, that means its also a tax write off. Steele Stebbins Philanthropes is focus on raising money for Caleb, protecting kids from bullying and raising funds for hungry families. So its a perfect gift to give back this Christmas! Click here and donate now!

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