Bliss53 is rumored to be returning to the studio soon to start working on a upcoming album. New rumors have come out that they will be working with Steve Albini. Steve Albini is best known as a member of Big Black, Rapeman and Flour. He is the founder, owner and principal engineer of Electrical Audio. He’s produced many big bands such as The Pixies, Bush, The Breeders, The Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, The Stooges, Cheap Trick and of course Nirvana.

The band won’t confirm or deny but says the Albini ‘sound’ has always been a sound they’ve wanted!



7 thoughts on “The Albini Sound

  1. smawbatiefate 12 months ago

    albini = legend

  2. Guestunoli 12 months ago

    I want to hear how he would have mixed Iconoclast!

  3. njgmmkWax 12 months ago

    recorded by steve albini 😄

  4. smawbatiefate 12 months ago

    holly shit! no way! that’s sick as fuck!

  5. ntipvpWax 11 months ago

    you guys are gonna make a killing on this one