If you thought this day wouldn’t come your not alone! The band started to work about 2 years ago planning for a release of July 2019 but with Covid-19 all plans came to a stop. Finally the album is coming out December 21, 2020! The album will be released here on the bands online store first for psychical CD’s and for the first time Vinyl. The album will later be released on all the normal digital platforms.

I’m so exited for this album. Honestly the band was living in a shadow of Iconoclast for awhile and I finally feel we are out of it. We challenge ourselves, The band is not the same as before and I personally have been through so much this past year not to mention the wold in handling Covid-19. I hope everyone loves it. I’m very proud. -Kevin

The album cover features Riley Dejaeghere, a Belgium model. The album also features a song featuring Dominique llie on “Live to Die”, a follow up song to the bands hit “Wide Awake”. “I never thought I could sing that song,” say Kevin. “When I write ‘Wide Awake’ I was so happy with the music I wanted a real singer and we asked Alexandur. The early demos of ‘Live to Die’ was a acoustic song but as we started to add the band elements it became grand like Wide Awake and then we added strings and I was like, Its Wide Awake part 2! So Then we came up with the idea of having another kid sing it and we asked Dominique and he killed it.”

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