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In Pascual Sisto’s piercing directorial debut “John and the Hole,” a dark and inventive psychodrama pitched on the vanishing borders of adolescence, 13-year-old John discovers a bunker somewhere in the woods that surround his upscale New England home. But there is also a metaphoric facet of the titular hole, one that represents something more than the deep ditch the frosty kid stumbles upon one lazy afternoon, thanks to an expensive drone gifted to him by his dad. There seems to be a gaping abyss in John’s soul where his conscience and youthful bliss ought to be. As Sisto tails John in the film’s first act through a disciplined and thrillingly open-ended screenplay from Nicolás Giacobone.


Portrayed in a mature, stunningly enigmatic breakthrough performance by Charlie Shotwell (I’m sure you know from All the Money In the World, Captain Fantastic, Eli, Troop Zero, The Nest and not to mention in the band as SHOTWELL!) John struggles with this emptiness in eerie ways, whether he is aware of it or not. He asks odd questions. Along with his best friend Peter, he plays death-centric games in the pool. Be it during his tennis lessons or school classes, he looks engaged only on the surface, just enough to fly his overarching numbness under the radar. By all accounts, John appears to be coddled by a loving family consisting of his parents Anna and Brad and sister Laurie.

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If you really can’t see this movie in theaters check it out on Apple TV or Amazon Prime and other streaming services but I would definitely recommend the theatre as movies are meant to be seen!

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