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The Sound

Even before releasing their album Confessions of a Drama Queen, Bliss53 had emerged as leaders in the pursuit of melding grunge rock and pop with provocative questions of life and faith.

Although various rock predecessors have experimented with the formula before – Nirvana, Soundgarden and Sonic Youth immediately come to mind – Bliss53 has taken the notion to new lengths, both in commercial terms and depth of artistic exploration. With six albums that attest to the group’s ability to bridge the wall between loud feedback and noise to pure bliss.

Now Confessions of a Drama Queen threatens to raze the barrier completely. For behind its exquisite, edgy assault lies an album’s worth of themes which spread beyond the confines of genre. “Kurt Cobain once said punk rock was musical freedom, that it didn’t matter how sloppy or noisy something was as long as it was good and had passion,” says Kevin Batres, “That is what we try to do. I can’t really sing, I’m not the best guitar player. So we just play from the heart and raise our flag and see who salutes.”

Confessions of a Drama Queen also rocks with abandon. Brawny guitars and aggressive vocals punctuate most of the album’s 12 tracks, especially “Legendary Servant,” “Loser,” “Money on my Mind,” and the album’s ambitious title song “Live to Die.” a progressive continuation to the bands hit “Wide Awake.”, Bliss53 is willing to let their music speak for itself, without regard for pigeonholes.

“I started this band in middle school, I always wanted the lyrics to have meaning but without being a obvious story. Maybe things a like abstract.,” says Kevin. “I’d like the music to make an impact on as many levels as possible, If that sounds like a lofty, ambitious goal, that’s okay. If one person likes the way it sounds, and another likes what the lyrics are saying, or someone hates both – that’s fine. I guess I’d rather love what I do than have a hit song.”

With a band that started in middle school, many have come and gone from the bands lineup. One thing has remained true. The band has never wavered in its sound, goal or music trends. They remain as they did when the band first started.

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