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From one of the bands first shows

Kevin was born July 13 in a Los Angeles suburbia, where music was a big part of his childhood. He began singing when he was six after his Aunt introduced him to Queen. “I remember loving the loud rock but it also that the band had very melodic ballads,” Kevin recalls. “To this day that has influenced me. I try not to play in a genre, If I want to scream and rant in a song and go punk rock, I do. If I want to have a ballad and attempt to sing, I do”.

Kevin started the band in middle school, at the time the band only being called Bliss. Kevin quickly started playing shows around town until he eventually released the bands first album “Euphoric” and officially naming the band Bliss53. Eventually the band would consist of Jay Weiner and Shotwell to form todays Bliss53, yielding six albums to their credit.

Kevin is currently single and resides still in Los Angeles, California. When he isn’t recording or on the road with Bliss53, Kevin draws (Some of his art has been used as album covers). He skateboards, reads and works on his car. A Shelby GT350R. “Some people think I’m this big car guy,” says Kevin. “I think it’s kinda funny. I do like Shelby cars but its a stretch to say I’m a car guy. I spend more time reading and writing then I do anything else. I’m kind of a boring person really.”

Besides Bliss53, Kevin has been working on a solo album as well as a huge interest in fashion design with brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton. Bliss53 have already crossed with fashion homes in the past because of Kevins love of fashion. As for Kevin’s solo, it’s said it’s a departure from the bands sound, “It’s the songs I write that I like but don’t fit the band.” says Kevin. “Maybe it’s to heavy or to soft sometimes. But I wanted to put them out so I put it under my name.”

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