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  1. Ultra Gases 0:54
  2. An Angele's Suicide Bliss53 0:54
  3. SW Bliss53 0:54
  4. Black Sheep Bliss53 0:54
  5. Like My Father Bliss53 0:54
  6. The Fall of Troy Bliss53 0:54
  7. Run-of-the-Mill Bliss53 0:54
  8. Zegers Cross Bliss53 0:54
  9. Elysium Bliss53 0:54
  10. Mr. Time Bliss53 0:54
  11. Nitrous Oxide Bliss53 0:54
  12. Wide Awake Bliss53 (Ft. Alexandru) 0:54

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NOFX Audio Post

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