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Confessions of a Drama Queen. The next step in the evolution of Bliss53. For many years the band said they lived in the shadow of “Iconoclast”. The band feels this is the first time they’ve made a new landmark album. With actor Steele Steebins making a cameo on “Hate Me” and singer Dominique Ilie on the song “Live to Die”. “Wide Awake” was a song I had for so long,” says Kevin. “So when we finally recorded it for Iconoclast I went overboard with strings and everything so since I’m not much a singer we asked Alexandru to sing it. We didn’t know that song would become such a hit for us. So when I wrote “Live to Die” it was going down that same road and when I wrote the line “To think I thought I was wide awake” I realized I just wrote a part two to that song. So I tried to find a singer, we found Dominique and I’m sure happy with the song.” The album cover features model Riley Dejaeghere.

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