Looking back to move forward. Introducing a new chapter of an iconic collaboration. Based on the iconic Hermès watch bands, these Apple Hermès watches have elegant watch faces as well as some more grunge rock styles. Making a connection to the grunge rocker as well as harkening to a classic Hermès look. These Bliss53 Exclusive watch faces are only available on these Bliss53 Hermès watches, more customizable and capable than ever, look to the future. Bliss53 Apple Watch Hermès is the ultimate union of heritage and innovation.

The iconic Orange. The Orange Swift Leather Bliss53 Apple Watch Hermès debuts a vibrant color that transform the watch into a centerpiece, or a beautiful complement to any outfit. It’s the iconic orange Hermès is known for. The default watch face for this watch face is the iconic Hermès watch face with a few tweaks. The Bliss53 under the Hermès name and at the bottom it says “Grunge Made” a twist of the iconic Swiss made.

Money on My Mind. The iconic Double cuff wraps elegantly around the wrist. Its delicate line is further accentuated by the new connection to the case on the return of the double cuff that was online available on Apple’s first launch, giving the geometry of the watch an understated update. Paired with a 44mm gold stainless steel case. This is the only Hermès Apple Watch to ever be offered in gold. The face is a Shelby GT350R tire that rotates. The image is based on the new Bliss53 song “Money on my mind” where Kevin sings “I’ve got Carbon Fiber Shelby Wheels.

The idea for that watch face was so last minute. The faces we wanted to reach both Hermès fans but our core fan base, it was just a idea and I’m happy it worked. Maybe a little cheesy but that song was suppose to be a fun joke so I think it fits.” – Kevin Batres

Black Single Tour. This classic Hermès design. The buckle recalls those on the straps of a saddle, and the new Attelage connection to the case is another nod to the equestrian heritage of Hermès. Available with a grunge space theme and the bands iconic sad face logo.

Switch up the look of your Apple Watch with an additional Hermès leather bands. Available in multiple designs, colors, and leathers, these easily interchangeable bands quickly update your style.

Choose which Bliss53 Apple Watch Hermès Series 6 with built-in cellular, handcrafted Hermès leather bands, and customizable Bliss53 watch faces. These watches also features the standard Apple Watch faces. Available on the bands online store here at bliss53.com. The watches come in two sizes. The 40mm is $1399 and the 44mm is $1499.

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