In 2019 the band started to work on a new album but with personal problems and the COVID-19 pandemic, It seemed like the album would never see the light of day. Well today it became official. Confessions of a Drama Queen is finally here! The band not only releasing it on CD and digital but but for the first time, releasing a limited number of vinyls. The band said a digital release will come later.

I know most people these days just want the download but I love CD’s and have a small vinyl collection. So we kinda hope that putting it first on psychical media might make someone want the CD rather than the download. There both the same price, it’s not for money but for a dying form of media I don’t want to see go. -Kevin Batres

The CD and Vinyl go on sale December 21. Digital release will be later but coming to all normal platforms. Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Youtube to name a few.

The band is also working with Riley Dejaeghere on a giveaway for a copy of the CD and a Bliss53 shirt.

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