The band would like to thank everyone who has bought the record version of the bands new album, its all sold out! The album will also now be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, etc…

The is hoping to do more vinyl in the future. There is no word if another pressing of Confessions of a Drama Queen will get another printing.

It was kinda a gamble. People don’t really even buy the CD’s no more. CD’s kinda more at the shows, everyone buys it digital and a lot of people now just do the streaming. Bands really get cents on streaming, its a bad business for bands. I love vinyl but its a hard sell. We took a gamble and I was surprised and happy it sold out. I’m glad there are still people who want a psychical copy of something. I’m grateful for the people who stream our music also, Vinyls and CD’s are just cooler to me. -Kevin

So hopefully more vinyl in the bands future.

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