The bands new album This Time Around features a special guest at the end. 13 year old singer songwriter Walker Campbell from Memphis TN.  He is the youngest artist to sign with his record label. Walker is known for mixing music genre from rock, pop, country and R&B to make his own original sound. His original songs Fortnight and Gold Mine are what originally caught the attention of Kevin, and his recent release of cover song Creep showed his ability to connect with his listeners on another level.

    Seeing Bliss53 live out their dreams as artists is so inspiring to young musicians like me. Their encouragement and support has kept me going. When they asked me to collab on a song, my first thought was “wait, is this really happening to me?” My second thought was “heck ya – let’s lay it down !” Getting to work with Bliss53 shows great music crosses boundaries and genre, doesn’t matter if the music rocks -Walker Campbell

    This Time Around rocks with abandon. Brawny guitars and aggressive rock punctuate most of the tracks on the album. Yet the album ends with a spoken word song featuring a 13 year old from Memphis only emphasize a fundamental point: Bliss53 has always let their music take it where it leads them, without regard for pigeonholes.

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